Do I Qualify for an SIA Licence with a Criminal Record?

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When you apply for an SIA security guard licence or when you sign up for any SIA Security guard training course, a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) report will be ordered. Backgrounds checks may be periodically run on security guard candidates during training.

Employers are required to run checks on their employees on a regular schedule according to
SIA standards too, so keeping a clean record is important even once you’ve begun working in the security industry. As security personnel are charged with providing safety, security and protection to businesses, assets and people. They are held to a higher standard when it comes to their past and their present activities outside of work.

Any drug charge, including possession of an illegal substance or possession of paraphernalia will result in disqualification from the SIA security guard licensing. Other criminal history or pending criminal charges can also have a detrimental effect on your eligibility to work in the security industry.

The type of charge, length of time since the charge occurred, whether there was a conviction and any remedial or time served measures were levied as a result of the conviction will also come into play with qualifying for an SIA security guard licence.

Having a criminal record does not immediately, disqualify you from consideration for working in the security field. Any records present may require additional examination and review before a determination of your eligibility can be made.

Sia, do i qualify ?

The SIA official website actually contains a helpful, online application that can help you determine if a criminal record may cause you problems. Now the site does caution that the tool is only and indicator and therefore does not guarantee the same results when you apply officially for an SIA security guard licence or SIA training programme.

Convictions in your juvenile record, convictions overseas, and other conditions on your application, including any past treatment for psychological or mental illness can also be reasons why the SIA may take a closer look at you and your history. Once again, though, none of these items would mean an automatic disqualification from working in the security industry. They are simply additional items of merit in terms of further review of a candidate.

If you’re concerned about your eligibility for SIA licence, you can check on the SIA website, using their online assessment tool. It is completely confidential. This will only give you an indicator of potential eligibility or ineligibility though. For an absolute answer to your question, you will need to submit an official application for licence or visit a security guard training centre approved by the Security Industry Authority. Only through these official and formal channels will you learn for certain if your criminal history will prevent you from obtaining a security guard licence and becoming a security guard.

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