How to become a Security Guard

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Security guard duties, whether front line or behind the scenes, may involve working for longer hours and at times being in environments that are highly unsafe – as the core duty of any security guard officer is to protect valuable possessions and people. For example, security guards on premises, at airports, or banks, to mention but a few, are required to stay alert for arguably long hours.
Being a security guard means taking up a lot of responsibility. It means handling power and authority and this is not something inexperienced individuals can do. This is exactly why there is a list of requirements which need to be taken into consideration before a person can become a security guard.

Person specification

Companies are very particular about the security guards they hire, which is why any sort of criminal background might severely limit your chances of getting a job in a security company. Background checks are a must when it comes to security companies in the UK and they take these things very seriously.

Being physically fit, a good healthy condition and general wellbeing are important.
Good vision, hearing, having a healthy emotional condition and mindset are important as well.
Keeping your record clean is also vital. Upon hiring, whether working for the government or a privately run security firm, frequent and random checks for drugs and possession of illegal narcotics are carried out. Termination of employment can occur if one is found in possession. Moreover, a minimum age of 18 years is required of applicants by the laws also in the UK.

Personality and skills

There are certain qualities that UK security companies look for in security guards and one of these include alertness. A security guard should possess skills which will help him spot anything wrong in the place instantly and put an end to it. For example if he sees an argument taking place between two men, he will interfere quickly so that it doesn’t lead to something else and cause violent chaos.

Also strong communication skills matter a great deal in this job. Many people tend to dodge security, or argue with security guards over certain matters to get their way. This is why a security guard should be someone who possesses strong communication skills which will help him establish himself as a strong personality.

The level of fitness required

This level is pretty high because of several reasons. Firstly, a security guard needs to be physically fit as he will need to remain constantly active on his job. This means that he will need to be in shape and laziness is something which can severely affect his chances because of his inability to be quick and get things done on time.
Excellent oral skills are required because sometimes security guards deal with a lot of people. They need to talk in a manner in which people will listen to them, and not be offended at the same time, which is why the attitude a security guard has at work matters greatly because it will influence the way people treat him.

Background checks

This is one thing every potential security guard should be prepared for.
Companies almost always run background checks to find out if prospective security guards have been involved in any criminal activity which is on their file.
Your chances of getting a job might be considerably reduced if your criminal offence was a serious one, or even a moderately serious one. Companies are hesitant to hire people who have been involved in bad decisions before because becoming a security guard requires a person to make decisions which might be pretty quick at times, but one that suggest sensibility.
Security Guard Training UK includes all of this information and it is completely accessible for free of charge, unlike many other training organizations. Although this website will not issue you a certificate, there is a very high chance that you will get to learn a lot, which will mean that you will enter this profession an informed person who will know what he is doing.


Becoming a security guard will require you to join an approved training institution in UK that offer programs in related courses to security and criminology. Security Industry Agency (SIA) in the UK is a nonprofit organization that offers the SIA training to the applicants. This training is important and only upon acquiring an SIA licence, is one authorized to fully operate and perform his or her security guard duties lawfully. Licensing adds credibility to a security guard as he or she would have already gone through some validation process prior to hire and training in a specific security guard job.

Training does not just mean physical training, it actually includes other things as well which will help a security guard. These include ranging knowing how to perform CPR and first aid in case of emergencies, lawfully detaining and arresting the accused or criminals when it is absolutely necessary and when the police cannot make it in time.
It also includes teaching them how to do paper work. Although security guards do not have to do a lot of paper work, every job differs from each other which is exactly why some might involve a lot of paper work and some might have very little to do with it, but since it falls in the job description, it would be prudent to know how it’s done and to consider it to be of importance.


Credentials, just as in any job requirement, are essential. Security firms would want to have highly qualified persons who are “fit” for the job, as they would want to maintain a strong reputation in the security industry. A certificate, diploma, or a degree in any field related to security would be an added advantage.
The more educated and skilled you are the greater the pay you can anticipate receiving. In general, the more demanding and potentially dangerous the security guard job is, the more education and training are required for qualification for the position. For instance, for armed security guard, a more intensive training would be required in the handling of fire arms before one can obtain a security licence.

Additional SIA security guard training may also include fast response in disasters, as security guards are often the first responders on the scene in such situations. Training in first aid, tracking, and operation of surveillance cameras would be an added advantage. Having a valid driver’s licence also gives an upper edge, especially to those whose work will entail patrolling of car parks and grounds.

In becoming a security guard, one of the most important quality or skill needed – above all, is the ability to respond and make immediate decisions in time of crisis.

Good luck in your pursuit to become a security guard.

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